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Ralf Demmer (german), M.Sc.
With five years of technical and language studies in Latvia, Russia, and the U.S., and translation experience from 1989 to present, Ralf acts as the core of our technical translation team.
He also works as a professional scientific non-destructive testing consultant and contributes to research in this field at various international universities and companies. Ralf brings accuracy to ambiguity.
Ronny Weise (german), linguistics M.A.
Ronny has five years of experience in international marketing.
He has worked as a translator, lector, editor, and new media copywriter since 2001, living in Cape Town, Hamburg, and Berlin.
In the field of translation, he specializes in ensuring that each translated text maintains the stylistic qualities of the original, especially in the context of advertising. Ronny brings style to semantics.
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Linda Leseman (american), journalism M.A.
Based in New York, Linda has five years of professional writing experience.
She has worked as a journalist and as a technical writer; she has also studied German in the U.S. and at the Goethe-Institut in Berlin.
In addition, she is a playwright and a musician. Linda applies the precision required for each of these occupations to her work as a translator.
Linda brings order to expression.
Ekaterina Fartushnaya (russian), linguistics M.A.
Ekaterina studied linguistics and intercultural communication in Moscow and continued her education in Hamburg and London.
Since 2006, she has worked as a professional editor, translator,
and proofreader, with extensive experience in technical documentation and marketing for the web.
Ekaterina brings intercultural understanding to communication.
Silvia Chirila (romanian), amer. cultural std. M.A.
Silvia has worked as a translator since 2004.
Her experience includes three years of collaboration with the E.U. and three years of working in Communication Sciences.
Silvia is one of the best translators in her areas of expertise. She specializes in editing and idiomatic accuracy.
Silvia brings harmony to difference.
Mélanie Chanat (french), business translation M.A.
Mélanie is an extensively educated, high-quality translator, and has worked as a professional translator, editor, and project manager since 1998.
Her areas of translation expertise include environmental issues, tourism, IT, and electronics. Mélanie brings specificity to multilingualism.

She is currently developing her own translation company but lends her skills to our network for all French translation projects.
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