technical translation clients

Producer of microprocessors and chipsets for personal computers.

Producer of
Corel Graphics software and more.

Telephone and internet service provider.

German Man-Pages for für GNU/Linux.

Business computer and software manufacturer.
European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V.
Producers of Airbus, Ariane, Eurocopter, Astrium etc.

Georadar equipment for subsurface sounding in geophysics.

The world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment.

Innovation in automotive, electronics and more.

High-Tech in electronics, robotics and more.

Reliable customer and server computing and much more.

Computer literature for professionals.

Simulation and training for the space and aviation industry.

Ultrasonic devices for measurements at metal, plastics and stone.
marketing and advertising
marketing translation clients

World's leading brand creation and brand management agency.

Home and business electronics manufacturer.
Trend forecasting, consumer research and branding agency in Berlin.

German diving school at the Cape of Good Hope.
Private education institute with faculties like economics, communication and psychology.
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